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Quality Control

High Quality company has established a comprehensive quality control system in accordance with all standards laid out in ISO9001 and TS16949. We have equipped comprehensive instruments for physical and chemical inspection of our products. We have established a thorough inspection system that examines products through all stages - from raw material to the production process to finished products. We also have exacting standards for design and implement strictly quality control procedures for each project to ensure our customers' maximum satisfaction. All products completely undergo a strict inspection before shipment. This inspection includes:

1. Pre-planned factory inspection, including tooling, equipment and production technique checks.
2. Material inspection by an independent material testing institute before batch production.
3. Random surprise inspections at each step of the production process.
4. Independent testing of material composition, mechanical properties, and dimensions, using the following testing procedures:
Chemical composition
Standard Mechanical properties
Dynamic balancer
Magnetic resonance
5. The final inspection is conducted in warehouses before shipment. We will release inspection reports for customer's approval before shipment, and if any goods fail to meet the declared standard, High Quality will advise the customer of the discrepancy and will resolve the situation according to the customer's demands.

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