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  • Category: CHOCKY BARS
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  • Products Name: CHOCKY BARS
  • Process:
  • Material: high chrome cast iron (700BHN/63HRC)
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Chrome Carbide White Iron Wear Blocksare unique wear resistant materials in that they combine very high wear resistant qualities of a high chrome white iron (15/3CrMo, 700 BHN – 63 HRc) with a weldable & high impact toughness mild steel through a metallurgical bond(vacuum brazing) to create a product that is exceptionally resistant to impact and abrasion while retaining. 

Mechanical Property: 
1) Tensile Strength                   630Mpa Min. 
2) Shearing Strength                  250Mpa Min. 
3) Hardness                          63 HRC

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